The Top Land Survey Services You Need to Know About

Published on 13 October 2023 at 08:09

Land surveying is an important process for determining boundaries and precise measurements of land. Professional land surveyors utilise specialised techniques and technology to provide accurate data about the land. If you are looking to build, buy land, or resolve a property dispute, you will likely need to use land survey services at some point. Here are the top land survey services you should know about.

Boundary Surveys  

A boundary survey, also known as a property survey, is one of the most common land survey services. The purpose of a boundary survey is to establish the exact boundaries and perimeter of a property. The land surveyor will place boundary markers and pins to delineate the property lines and corners. They will also draw up a boundary survey map highlighting any encroachments from neighbouring properties. Boundary surveys ensure you know exactly where your property begins and ends.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys map the natural and man-made features of a landscape. The land surveyor will measure elevations, slopes, rivers, buildings, roads and vegetation. This creates a detailed contour map showing changes in elevation across the land. Topographic surveys are important for development projects, especially in hilly areas. They allow builders and engineers to plan appropriately based on the distinct topographic features of the land.

Flood Surveys

Flood surveys are conducted to create flood hazard maps and profiles. The land surveyor will identify flood zones, areas with drainage issues and locations at high risk of flooding. Mortgage lenders often require a flood survey to assess property risks. Flood surveys help create effective flood management plans and inform appropriate land usage. They are especially pertinent for properties near bodies of water or in flood-prone regions.

Land Development Surveys

Land development surveys support the planning and design stages for construction projects. The land surveyor performs site analysis to determine the ideal placement of structures and facilities. This includes surveying the land for suitable access points, utility lines and drainage solutions. Land development surveys maximise use of the property while minimising environmental impact. They are necessary for large projects like housing developments and commercial buildings.

When Do You Need a Land Survey?

There are several situations where hiring a professional land surveyor is recommended or required:

Purchasing a Property

Having an up-to-date land survey is prudent when purchasing a home or land. It delineates the boundaries to verify what you are buying. Surveys also uncover encroachments that could prevent a purchase.

Building on Land

Local regulations often mandate a land survey before issuing building permits. Surveys pinpoint optimal house placement and boundaries to prevent construction over property lines.

Property Line Disputes

Land surveys provide objective data to resolve boundary disputes between neighbours. They clarify the legally binding property lines in question.

Erecting Fences or Structures

Knowing your property boundaries is necessary when installing fences, walls, pools, and sheds near the lines. A survey reduces the risk of costly encroachment issues.

Subdividing Land

Creating distinct lots from one large parcel requires precise measurement via a land survey. The survey divides the land and creates new legal parcel boundaries.

Relying on accurate land surveys facilitates real estate transactions, development projects, and the resolution of property disputes. With so much riding on property lines, it is advisable to hire a meticulous land surveyor you can trust. They provide the objective data needed to make informed decisions about your land.