Underground Utility Surveying

CSW Surveys has an experienced team of underground utility surveyors, we understand the importance of reducing the risk on site by knowing what lies beneath the site prior to any excavation or drilling works.

Our team of surveyors are provided with industry standard radio frequency detection equipment and ground penetrating radars. This compliments our extensive knowledge and allows us to achieve the best possible results.

Our findings can be easily presented in CAD format and overlaid onto a topographical drawing, or can simply be marked on the ground if required. Information such as pipe sizes, directional flow and materials can also be included in any CAD drawing when we undertake our surveys.

PAS128 Specifications

The BSI's PAS128 standard specification provides a clear format to express the resolution and quality of detection of individual underground utilities. There may be many different levels of detection across one site, so this extra information can be useful when undertaking invasive site works.

At CSW Surveys we can provide you with a fully PAS128 compliant utility plan if required.