How to Choose the Right Land Survey Company for Your Needs

Published on 17 September 2023 at 08:21

Whenever you’re about to buy or sell a large piece of property, a land survey is a must. Without one, there’s simply too much that can go wrong without you even realising, and by the time you find out that there are any underlying problems, it will be far too late to remedy them in a cost-efficient manner. Thankfully, choosing a reliable land survey company is easier than it seems – as long as you take some time to understand the situation on your end.

Try to Learn About the Property Yourself

No matter if you’re selling or buying, it’s always worth taking some time to learn about the property and attempt to evaluate it on your own. While this will not provide you with a comprehensive list of issues, it will still give you a rough idea of what the current status of the place is, and what problems the surveyor should be on the lookout for. A personal examination is the first step towards hiring the ideal land survey company, because it will help you narrow down your decision to just a few candidates that fit the bill.

Choose an Appropriately Sized Company

Land survey companies come in various sizes, and choosing a suitable one is more important than it might seem. You might think that spending more money on a larger company is a good move in any case, but that’s often far from true. Larger land survey companies typically adapt their services to the needs of their client base as they evolve. This means that they focus on slightly different points than smaller companies and might potentially miss something that matters to you because they deem it irrelevant in a project of this scale.

One additional advantage of working with a smaller land survey company is that you will often be able to interact with the people responsible for your survey directly. Otherwise, there will be a large corporate structure to navigate, which tends to slow things down and takes away some degree of control from you.

Check for Certifications and Insurance Policies

And of course, always check for relevant certifications and insurance policies. This is especially important if you are working with a smaller survey company, in which case it’s more likely that they would try to save money by skipping certain non-mandatory insurances. How much this matters in your case will depend on factors like the value of the property and things that could potentially be damaged on it. But you definitely don’t want to work with a company that could potentially put you in a compromising position.

Once you’ve identified your requirements, all that’s left is to get in touch with a few companies in your area, get some quotes, and start your project! With the help of a reliable land survey company, you’ll be able to spare yourself a lot of trouble in the process, and you can instead focus on the points that really matter in the grand scheme of things.