Comprehensive Measured Building Survey in Newport

If you need accurate measured building surveys in Newport, CSW Survey Ltd are here to help. We specialise in delivering comprehensive surveys for both residential and commercial properties, tailored to your requirements and budget. As trusted measured building surveyors in Newport, we provide precise floor plans, building elevations, internal and external surveys, roof plans and more, presenting them in either 2D or 3D formats. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project.

  • Building Elevations

  • Floor Plans

  • Internal Measured Survey

  • Point Cloud Survey

  • Roof Plans

  • Laser Scanning

  • 2D or 3D Plans

Our Expertise

Internal Measured Surveys, Floor Plans and Building Elevations

Accurate interior elevation surveys are essential for architects and interior designers to make informed decisions regarding the placement of elements like electrical and plumbing systems, cabinets, and interior fixtures. Similarly, our thorough external elevation surveys provide a comprehensive view of a building's exterior structure, aiding in well-informed decision-making during the design and construction phases.

Precise Floor Plans for Design and Refit Projects

We offer comprehensive floor plans illustrating the arrangement and structural elements of buildings, regardless of the project's size and scope. Our surveys are tailor-made to suit your distinct requirements, presenting straightforward room-to-room floor plans which include intricate details like walls, windows, doors, beams, and floor and ceiling dimensions. Our detailed drawings can even include fixtures, fittings, light switches, radiators, and other components to suit your project. Our commitment to this level of precision ensures you can be confident in important decision-making regarding your project.

2D Plans and 3D Models to Enhance Project Understanding

We offer flexibility in how you'd like your survey presented: through detailed 2D plans or immersive 3D models, offering the precision you need for informed decision-making.

Trusted Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology

Our team of expert measured building surveyors in Newport combine extensive expertise with cutting-edge technology to gather precise data and deliver accurate plans and models, regardless of your project's size or complexity.

Comprehensive Measured Building Surveys in Newport

No matter the project size – be it domestic, commercial, or architectural structures – CSW Surveys has tailored solutions for your next project in Newport. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a custom quote.