The Benefits of Hiring Professional Land Surveyors for Your Real Estate Transactions

Published on 17 December 2023 at 10:13

When buying or selling property in the UK, it's important to understand the exact boundaries of the land you are transacting. While the property boundaries may seem clearly defined, there can often be ambiguities or discrepancies that only become apparent later. Hiring a qualified land surveyor early in the process can avoid major issues down the road. Here's a look at some of the key benefits of using a professional land surveyor for your real estate deals.

Clearly Establishing Boundaries

One of the main jobs of a land surveyor is to clearly establish and mark the boundaries of a property. This includes determining the perimeter boundaries as well as any internal divisions or encroachments. Land surveyors use legal land descriptions, inspection, and high-tech tools like global positioning systems (GPS) to accurately define the property’s boundaries. This clear understanding of what land you actually own or are buying reduces the risk of disputes with neighbours down the road.

Identifying Right of Ways and Easements

There are often pre-existing rights of way, public rights of passage, or easements across private property that can lead to restrictions on how the land can be used. A land survey is essential to identify any such encumbrances like public footpaths that pass through the land. The surveyor can advise on how easements may impact plans for the property in the future.

Checking Compliance with Regulations

In order for new construction like house extensions to comply with planning permissions, a land survey is usually required. Surveyors can determine if the proposed construction meets setback distances from the boundaries and height regulations that govern what can be built. This helps ensure compliance when submitting plans to your local authority.

Due Diligence for Risk Mitigation

Buying land or property always carries an element of risk. Working with a professional land surveyor early on provides valuable due diligence to avoid nasty surprises from boundary or title disputes, restrictive covenants, lack of access rights, and more. The land survey serves as a risk mitigation tool to ensure you fully understand what you are buying or selling. Concerns can be addressed prior to finalising transactions.

Supporting Legal Title Registration

Land surveyors often play an integral role in confirming the legal ownership and title registration when land changes hands. The surveys and documentation they produce help conveyancers verify the property, confirm boundaries, and process title transfers or deed registrations. Robust title is essential to ensure future saleability as well.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to make sure professional land surveyors are involved in your UK real estate deals. Paying reasonable surveying fees upfront can avoid exponentially higher expenses from rectifying issues later on. It puts your transaction on firmer legal ground as well. Finding a local Chartered Surveyor with extensive experience surveying in your area is recommended for reliable insight and conclusions. Let the surveyor handle the measurement complexities so you can proceed with confidence and clarity.